Rise up to Ignorance!

January 22, 2010
Remember when?…”Viewing of Obama’s talk…”

I am wondering what goes through a parent’s mind right before they decide that an address from the President of the United States is not suitable for their child. With all of the things on this planet that parents should be concerned with I simply cannot comprehend what those thoughts could be. Telling your sons and daughters that the President’s address should not be listened to is tantamount  to teaching them disrespect for the highest office of our country. It makes no difference whether you voted for President Obama or Senator McCain. When the President of the United States wishes to address students at the beginning of the school year in an effort to inspire them to rise above ignorant thought and educate themselves, why would any educated parent have such a problem with it ? His (the President’s) words have an important place in our unfolding history as do the words of all leaders of all countries in all corners of our world.

Right wing or left wing talking points should all be examined for the weight of the words in them and the thoughts behind them. Parents should be discussing these debates with their children and when the truth or falsehood of such statements can be shown then all (parents and children) are so much the better for having had the discourse.
All who call themselves ‘educated’ need to  set examples for their children by tackling the issues of our time with reason, tolerance, and compassion. When a statement is found through critical thinking to be false it should be discarded so that no more weeds of disinformation and ignorance spring up from them. Of course, in order for this process of thought to proceed, one must avail oneself of the statements being made. I fear that our country’s listening, discussing, and reasoning abilities are being hamstrung by stupidity.
An ignorant person can be shown the facts or falsehoods, form an informed opinion, and emerge as an educated person. A stupid person has been shown the facts and falsehoods and has chosen the falsehoods as gospel. All parents have the opportunity to rise above stupidity and at least be ignorant. Please do not deprive your children of the same opportunity. When the President of the United States wishes to tell our children to study hard for the challenging work ahead, it is the duty of all educated parents to allow their children to listen. The alternative, of protecting one’s child from the truth, perpetuates stupidity.
Listen, discuss, comprehend, learn… good words to live by.